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eOrder Mobile App For Retailers

Complete and exhaustive CRM Solution to computerize order feeding for Retailers/Stockists and field representatives of a Company having its own stockists and dealer network.


Suitable for Pharma Companies, White goods companies having marketing field reps and their own distribution network. The solution assists the Stockists and Sales reps to punch in order easily for order processing to Company's distributors/ C&Fs/ Company HO.

System Design

Sales hierarchy is defined one time for Sales reps reporting to Area managers to Regional managers to Zonal managers. The reps are linked with the Stockists/Customers they are responsible to look after. All the products are defined with their Std. Packing in one case along with part Nos for easy order processing once order is received thru the app.

Stockists can feed in order thru mobile app or desktop app. They are well assisted for easy product search, Case Qty. Once order is fed, order copy goes to distributor/ C&F for order processing, to stockist as order acknowledgement, to Sales rep/s looking after that stockist and their area managers.

Once order is received, it is processed using company's own ERP Software for Invoicing. For Easy order processing, same Customer and Product Codes are mapped in eOrder App.

System Platform

Platform is .NET as the front end and Oracle 11g as backend. Runs on CLOUD. Access on Mobile and tablets on the move. Handles multiple companies/locations, dealer network.

Solution Coverage

Order Punching

Order Reminders

Payment Collection from Stockists/Customers

GPS Tracking of Field reps for better accountability

Mail/SMS Campaigns for Promotional offers given by company

Central data repository for product literatures and their benefits, price lists zone wise, competitors products. This acts as ready referral  for reps to share information with Customer to better educate them for proper product usage, benefits etc.


Salient Features

Handles Multiple C&Fs, Stockists, dealers, customers, Company Reps

Runs on CLOUD

Android and iOS Mobile App

Access on Desktops, Mobile and Tablets

Nominal Annual Subscription fee per user

No Need of IT Infrastructure at Client's side


Sales Team can start using it from DAY 1.


Solution Benefits

Formatted Order Copy circulated among all parties - C&Fs, Stocksist, Reps.

Easy Order booking.

Personalized premium feel with own company logo on mobile app.

Enhances goodwill of Company among its Customers.

Better accountability of Reps thru GPS Tracking without compromising his/her privacy.

Payment Collection Status

Better co-ordination among Reps and Area Managers for order Status, Sharing info thru mail correspondence.

Time saving of managers in making reports.

Controlled and accurate flow of data with formatted reports.