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CRM For Packaging & Labels

Complete and exhaustive industry specific CLOUD CRM Solution for Flexible Packaging, Lamitubes, Cartons and labels. Solution covers all Pre-Sales and Post-Sales activities.



Software is suitable for Flexible packaging Convertors, pouches, sleeves, lamitubes, Blown film, woven bags, Labels & Carton manufacturers.
Solution helps in Job estimation of laminate based on Material structure, Ink and Adhesive GSM, Freight, insurance, Export benefits, Finance costs, cylinder amortization charges, wastage %ages, core, packing expenses.
Charges for Fitments like dori, zipper, slider, eyelets that go into pouch making.

For carton's Job estimation, system calculates requirement of No. of Sheets/Boards based on No. of Ups per sheet.

For label's Job estimation, System computes Sq meter of paper required based on No. of labels, labels size, gap, wastage %age. Quotation basis can be per label, per 1000 label, per Sq meter etc.

Solution Coverage

Job estimation based on Job structure and Quotation

Amendments and Followup tracking

Customer accounts and Leads management.

Sale targets, Sale projections

Marketing Rep/Team performance Analysis

Marketing Campaigns Industry segment wise/Zone wise

Pending Bills payment collection

Quality Assurance

Salient Features

Handles Multiple Companies and Plants

Runs on Cloud

Access on Desktops, Mobile and Tablets

Android and iOS Mobile App

Nominal Annual Subscription fee per user

No Need of IT Infrastructure at Client's side


Sales Team can start using it from DAY 1.

Mail and SMS Alerts of Complaint tickets to Plant and Customer representatives.

Delight your customers with professionally drafted emails and Boost Company Image.